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1. how did you find tumblr? why did you create an account? 

i was a long-time lurker in deviantart and from there i heard of another equally talented part of the fandom on tumblr. i created an account because the amount of memory space dbsk/jyj edits/gifs were taking up on my computer was becoming ridiculous.

2. right or left handed?


3. which subject did you like/hate the most in school?

like:history and programming
dislike:…none? i’m sort of an all-around nerd. i didn’t like my american history teacher, though.

4. do you know any kpop dances? 

no, sadly.

5. What’s the reason or moment when you realized: he’s my ultimate bias!

because i’m an uncommitted failure i switched ultimate biases thrice before deciding i can’t stick to anyone lmao. but the first one was because he’s a weirdo and made me laugh until i teared up on multiple occasions.

6. who’s your tumblr best friend?

my sister. if rl best friends don’t count, then it’s a tie between rachelwhitney, and haley

7. which blogs do you check out daily/the most?

it really depends on my mood. i mostly stick with my dash.

8. what’s your favorite outfit? 

i’m assuming on myself? my uni’s sweatshirt and my worn-down jeans \o/

9. Is there anything you wish you could do/have more often?

seeing my extended family

10. do you refrain from reblogging a post which hasn’t got many notes?

not really. but i admit that i’m partial to certain editors ._.

11. Is there a compliment you’d never forget?

really random, but my sound design prof said i can keep up a beat really well, and asked if i was a drummer. i’m not musically inclined at all so i was pretty surprised.

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1. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

2. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

3. What’s the scariest dream you ever had?

4. What is your dream company to work for?

5. When exactly does one reach adulthood?

6. What color looks best on you?

7. Are you the change you want to see in the world?

8. What is your favorite fruit?

9. Do you like to dance in the rain?

10. What is the best remedy for a headache?

11. If you could switch brains with someone else for a day (you’ll still retain memory of who you are, they won’t be harmed in any way balh blahabalh), who would it be?

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