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linda’s questions:

1) Would you rather have a K-POP star transfer to your school or your dream guy? like this guy was literally the most perfect thing in the land and he wasn’t a douche either

my dream guy ofc i don’t see any personal benefit gained from a kpop star transferring here lmao

2) You have a hundred bucks in your hand, what’d you do with it?

put it in my piggy bank

3) If someone were to fall from the sky right now, like break your roof and everything, and fall right onto your bed, who’d it be?

someone with a strong back, hopefully. yunho has a strong back.

4) A DBSK member you could see fit perfectly well in a horror movie? 

i can totally see junsu in a role where he begins as the super cheery guy in the group and then ends up being the monster and kills everyone \o/

5) Would you rather spend an eternity listening to Gangnam Style or One Pound Fish? lol have fun listening to it

Gangnam Style, please. my ears literally started ringing within the first 30 seconds of One Pound Fish WHERE DID YOU FIND THIS

6) A life like your favorite fanfic or like your favorite music video? damn this is creative props to me

aw man this is good! but i don’t read a lot of fic, and the one i have liked are mainly angst ;_; so my choices are rather limited. i’ll go with Gummy’s As a Man MV 

7) The most depressing song in the world, like Jesus Christ what is it with this song?

insa, jaejoong’s version. the end.

8) Spend an entire night talking about deep shit with Changmin or go out clubbing with Yoochun? 

philosophy discussion with changmin! on the terrace under the stars, with a few (milk) bottles and some blankets. yes, that sounds lovely.

9) Become an SM trainee or a cordi noona who all dem bitches love?

cordi noona. i want a long and healthy life tyvm.

10) Ed Sheeran? Cool bitch or nah?


11) Post a picture of yourself doing one of the many poses Jaejoong does in his series of selcas :DD LOOKING AT YOU DIVYA

you’re lying how can you be looking at me WHEN I’M INVISIBLE            

maybe next time okay? ok ilu lindaaaaaa 

My questions:

1) Pie or cake?

2) What was the most treasured gift you’ve ever received?

3) Care to share a bit of your writing that you’re proud of?

4) How would you react if your all-time favorite book was being turned into a movie (regardless of what actors/directors/producers are in it)?

5) If you could take only one more class before your academic career ends, what would it be about?

6) Which of the seven sins resonate the strongest in you?

7) What would you name your daughter?

8) How were you introduced to your very first fandom?

9) What do you expect to achieve by the end of this year?

10) If you were famished and dead tired, would you eat first or sleep first?

11) poooooor que por que por que es mi mochila tan pesada? no puedo levantarla. por queeeeeee por que? ayuuuuudame, y dime por que. es tan pesada mi mochila, POR QUE?

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