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questions by findingthefaith:
  1. Going to Junsu’s gig? If not, why? If so, whwere? And are you excited? Nope. I would have definitely taken the 9-hour drive to NY if it were any other week than the first week of classes. Especially since the first week is mandatory if I wanted to remain in said classes.
  2. Is Changmin that bad of an actor in your opinion? Would you still see his movie? What about Paradise Ranch? imo I don’t think he’s a bad actor? I prefer his acting over Jaejoong’s. Paradise Ranch initially gave me some second-hand embarrassment but his acting visibly improved since the first few episodes. And OFC I’ll see his movie.
  3. Your opinion about EXO? I like them. Kai and Kris need to deflate their heads but Luhan is my baby and I am madly in love with Chen’s voice ~
  4. Best new rookie group from: B.A.P., MYNAME, Nu’est, EXO? Why? EXO. I don’t know nearly enough about the other groups as I do about EXO, thanks to SME’s promotion skills.
  5. Are you the type of person to think things through such as lawsuit, why JYJ left, the stan situation, etc.? Or can you just let it be and try to be unbiased about it? Can’t I be unbiased and think things through? To be fair, though, I was a lot more actively curious about lawsuit/split rumors two years ago than I am now. 
  6. Fave crack ship inside of TVXQ (5)? If not, some other crack ship? I don’t ship any couple romantically. Now with that off my chest… onchang. :D  
  7. Let’s assume TVXQ is the ultimate fave group for you (if it’s not why am I following you omg) so what would be the second favorite? What makes it special? What if they’re not my fave group and I actually have several other blogs for other groups dun dun dunnn. My first group was SS501, and they’re special because I absolutely love their relationship together. It’s so comfortable and brotherly and perfect.
  8. Ever changed a bias in TVXQ? How it happened and why? How long you’ve had your ultimate bias? (Don’t give me shit like you don’t have one, I love all the boys but there’s always something special in one of them). :| My initial bias was Jaejoong, and he was my ultimate for the longest time until KYHD. TVXQ’s comeback seriously affected my bias list, and my bias kept changing from Changmin to Yunho for months. Then I finally acknowledged that I was a faithless woman and decided to drop the chagrin of “ultimate bias” ^^
  9. Junsu’s red hair? Opinions? I’m just throwing it out there. Feel free to let everything out. I cry out in frustration every time he changed his hair color. Just keep your natural hair baby, I don’t want a bald Junsu before you reach 30 ;_; that red looked smokin’ hot on him tho
  10. You must have seen our boys in kissing scenes many times, right? Well, who got you to gasp the best? Or who managed to make it look the best?  Not necessarily gasp, but Jaejoong’s kiss in Heaven’s Postman gave me butterflies and made me sigh in content. idc what you people think, it was so light and soft and sweet, and just swoon-worthy. 
  11. Finally let’s end this with a sad one. Since our joongie seems to be depressed and says some worrying stuff on twitter time to time, got any opinions about it? Any speculation? No? Nothing to speculate. He’s the kind of person who hates keeping things to himself.  He likes to put his feelings out and get a response from people.

questions by chunpala:

  1. You have a set of scales and three stones. Love, prosperity, happiness. They all weigh the same. You may only choose two stones to properly balance the scales; if you put more weight on one side, they will tip and the C4 underneath your feet will go off and you will be blown into a billion pieces, so there’s no way around this fucking puzzle. Which one do you leave out? Love. It’s overrated and if you already have happiness, then clearly love isn’t needed.
  2. We’re having a TV show marathon for a weekend. What TV show do you think I’d make you watch and why do you think that? Supernatural, since I’ve still barely scraped season 1 and a few random episodes from other seasons. And idk you might be a bit disappointed in me for that lol
  3. If cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who do you think would win? Cavemen obviously. 
  4. Your OTP/ship announces that they’re real and they’ve been together for years and the public was duped the entire time, unless your ship is YunJae, in which case, most everyone thought you were real as is. On a scale from 1 to fuck my ass and call me Blu, what’s your reaction? ummI have a habit of fainting when I’m in shock so. But when I’m revived I’d cry tears to fill up the ocean for my now-real ship.
  5. Suddenly, your life is like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (if you don’t know it, Google is your best friend). You have a history report to do! What three historical figures do you bring back to the present to get that freaking A? Alexander the Great, Thomas Jefferson, and Ada Lovelace
  6. Top 3 countries you’d love to visit, excluding Korea if you’re a kpop fan. Japan, Sri Lanka, Peru.
  7. The best meal you’ve ever had. This super fancy engagement party dinner delivered to me in a pizza box behind a stage. I was never as hungry as I was then.
  8. Your next landmark birthday is coming up! (15/18/21/25/etc.) What would you plan if you could have pretty much anything you wanted (short of anything illegal happening…like kidnapping your bias…)? Some of my friends and I have been planning on going on an all-Asia tour for a while now, but at least one of us is always busy. I’d want to clear everyone’s plans (and give all of us enough money) to spend at least a few months doing exactly that.
  9. The Night Circus is in your town. They literally have almost everything a great circus can offer, and then some. What 3 performances must you see? Acrobats and stuff… I’m not really a fan of circuses. Can I say three different acrobatic perfs? ah do I have to google again ._. OH I’ll have magical acrobats. Yes. Three magical acrobats is good.
  10. If you could see me get along with any kpop star, who would it be and why? Jaejoong. I can see you two talking about the randomest things for endless hours and cracking each other up.
  11. Give me a random quote. 
"Life is but a business great, 
All births are but its income, 
And all deaths are but its expense. 
If it is to go, let it go.”
-P. R. Ramachander

questions by the-queenmaker:

  1. What model of cell phone do you currently use? LG Cosmos 2 (old school slide phone ftw)
  2. MAC or PC? PC 
  3. If you could live your life as a character in any television universe, which show would you choose and why? Community. I want to be a part of their study group! I don’t really watch television so my choices are limited lol.
  4. In the game of rock-paper-scissors, which of the three are you most likely to put out? Paper. Scissors are too hard to make and rock is ugly.
  5. If you could only drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be? Buttermilk! I already drink it everyday and it’s sooo good.
  6. Pick your top 3 favorite kpop groups (boy or girl). You can either have dinner with all of the leaders or all of the magnaes. Do you go with the leaders or do you go with the magnaes? DBSK, SS501, Shinhwa. I have a soft spot for leaders, in general. 
  7. You’re given a budget of a million dollars but you can only spend it on ONE item, and once you purchase it, the rest of that million dollars disappears. And it has to be material, so like no paying for college and stuff. What do you spend it on? Buy and set up a small-scale restaurant for my dad because he’s always wanted one. 
  8. You’re stranded on a deserted island with one person (real or fictional). Who would you want to be stranded with you and why? Joon because I’m insane when under stress and he’d be a good match. 
  9. Let’s say you entered witness protection and they gave you the option of choosing a new first name (but you have to change it). What name would you go by now? I DUN NAAA. My sister said that I’d be Sylvia based on the earrings I’m wearing rn ?  
  10. You won a slap bet against someone and now have the opportunity to slap them as hard as you can/want with absolutely no repercussion. Whose face do you want to high-five the most? A certain tumblr user who has an intense hatred for a certain group. I’m not saying anymore \o/
  11. Tell me something I don’t know about you. I like figs… why does everyone hate them? D:

my questions:

  1. What is your favorite grocery store?
  2. If you were bonked in the head and suddenly became proficient in another language, what would it be?
  3. What kpop idol would you go shopping with, and what would you be shopping for?
  4. Outside of kpop, what would you say is your biggest obsession?
  5. Do you insult your bias or call him/her names? Give examples. If not, why not?
  6. What percent of your songs is legally bought? 8D
  7. What are your stereotypes on engineering students? Don’t be nice!
  8. Give me your favorite picture of your ship.
  9. What is the meaning of life?
  10. How many teddy bears do you own?
  11. What one non-kpop song has been stuck on your mind recently?
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